Language Coaching (LaCo) combines the very best traditional language-learning practices with the latest modern coaching techniques.

In addition to offering specially designed language courses that stimulate a heightened interest in target language acquisition, all of our students are equipped with the prerequisite strategies for successful learning, including goal-setting, time management, planning and resource sourcing.

At LaCo, we believe that as the world around us changes, we, too, must devise new and more effective means of achieving people’s goals. For instance, coaching, as a tool, can help clients take their newly acquired skills and integrate them into their daily lives. More specifically, by using a coach to help clients identify their goals and then support, motivate and hold those same clients responsible for goal realisation will certainly push course participants more steadily towards a successful outcome.

With LaCo, you can EFFECTIVELY learn FrenchGermanLuxembourgishEnglish and Russian!


People sometimes wonder why they should learn a new language? But for those who have moved from abroad and now live in Luxembourg, the answer is obvious. All newcomers to Luxembourg must find a solution to this question: Where, when and how can they quickly and effectively learn a new language?

Luxembourg, with its three official languages, offers cultural diversity rich in ideas and perspectives, but is only accessible through the acquisition of the local languages. In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, learning a new language opens the door to another world for you; it changes your perception of the world and it creates employment opportunities to improve the quality of your life.

What Language Coaching offers you is professional assistance in your development. Although the course does not take long, the service offered will always be provided effectively and with pleasure! The Method of Language Coaching will allow you to learn at every moment, not only in the classroom, but learning from life itself as well as ample opportunities for practice, practice, practice.

Let's try, shall we? After all, we deserve to have our dreams come true, right!

Olga   Schortgen

Olga Schortgen


The Adaptation of the student

In contrast to the traditional system of language learning, in which a teacher uses a textbook or only one particular method, LaCo offers more than 100 methods and approaches at each stage of your training which parallel your personal goals, learning styles, abilities and resources at any given time.

Motivation creates acceleration

The learning efficiency process is achieved not by increasing the operating time, but through the rational use of resources and the inclusion of student motivation. Simply put, a positive attitude and an enjoyment of the learning process leads to amazing results!

Learning, organizing life

Having mastered the principles of Language Coaching education, you can apply them not only to your current and future studies, but to all areas of your life. Furthermore, the successful acquisition of such principles will improve your quality of life and status; improve your memory and concentration; result in more free time for you and your family. As a result, learning a language can and does lead to positive changes in other areas of your life. You don't believe me, do you? Well, check for yourself!


" I really like the course and the teaching method. I find a very helpful to do summarises and overviews of the things we have learned. Also the speaking I find a very important. "

— Francie

" Un accueil agréable qui inspire une confiance vers un apprentissage de la langue choisie, ainsi qu’un dynamisme pour que le déroulement des cours se passe bien. "

— Olivier V.

" The class is highly effective and interactive. The professor helps you improve your French skills by helping you identify your weak and strong points. The teachning approach is a very well balanced. Probably the best class I ever took! "

— Anna