Language Coaching combines the very best traditional language-learning practices with the latest modern coaching techniques.

In addition to offering specially designed language courses that stimulate a heightened interest in target language acquisition, all of our students are equipped with the prerequisite strategies for successful learning, including goal-setting, time management, planning and resource sourcing.


The Essence of Language Coaching

We aim to transform the learning process of a language from an everyday boring activity to a constant enjoyable practice!

We help you to articulate the purpose of your linguistic breakthrough and will demonstrate how to achieve it!

We help you to find your motivation for actively and proactively working on self-improvement!

" I am sure that every person can learn any language to the required level. The main thing is to set a goal and work towards it! All you need is the desire and belief in yourself … the rest will be taken care of by us! "

Olga Schortgen - Developer of the Language Coaching Concept - a linguist, a translator, a professional coach, a polyglot, speaking in 9 languages.

What say our students

I really like the course and the teaching method. I find a very helpful to do summarises and overviews of the things we have learned. Also the speaking I find a very important.

— Francie

Un accueil agréable qui inspire une confiance vers un apprentissage de la langue choisie, ainsi qu’un dynamisme pour que le déroulement des cours se passe bien.

— Olivier V.

The class is highly effective and interactive. The professor helps you improve your French skills by helping you identify your weak and strong points. The teachning approach is a very well balanced. Probably the best class I ever took!

— Anna