Are you looking for mini-group language classes which are productive, inspiring and interesting?

Language learning in mini-groups with a coach - now, that's what you need!

What’s so special about this offer, you might ask? Well, coaching technology helps each member of the group, together with the teacher, to clearly assess their learning dynamics. You practise at your own pace. The group support, along with the teacher, rather than overwhelming you, actually encourages and corrects. This helps you to secure an active position at every step during the training, and see the results of your continuous improvement. 

The advantages of language learning based on coaching techniques used in mini-groups are:

— Individual attention is provided to each person

— Any underlying issues or challenges are addressed

— The motivation gained from mini-group sessions is immense

— The instruction is personalized

— Participants can learn from others and support one another

— Participants can support one another outside of class

The course is available in French, Luxembourgish, German, English, Russian