If you have some basic knowledge of Luxembourgish, but still have difficulty in speaking and understanding the language, this Audio course is just the thing for you.

Carefully designed, it helps you learn faster, understand Luxembourgish language naturally, and speak the language confidently, quickly and effectively. This is an innovative tool that can change your everyday life forever!

Key features:

— Eight specially designed audio units with key grammar and vocabulary fundamentals of the Luxembourgish language

— A translation of all the recorded texts in your own language. You can choose French, English and Russian translation according to your mother tongue

— An online grammatical summary aimed at helping you focus on the main grammatical concepts that you need to understand in order to speak effectively

— A detailed instruction and explanation, advice and tips to ensure the best possible results from the audio course

— A discount of 10 % on LaCo individual language training which can be combined with an audio course

— Specially designed smart online exercises for grammar practice, word building and listening skills improvement

— Intermediate reports showing your progress and a final evaluation report