The learning process starts with a TEST!

Testing with LaCo consists of 7 easy steps:

1. Determine your target. We will ask you why you need to learn a particular language and whether or not you have learned it before.

2. We will assess your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and your listening skills.

3. We will check whether or not your speaking comes easily. This is to determine if you have a language barrier, and how you used your phonetic skills in the target language.

4. We will evaluate the capacity of your working memory, your learning style and your ability to learn the target language.

5. We will make a comprehensive assessment of your level.

6. We will make recommendations that will help you achieve your goals quickly - a guaranteed result, with minimal effort!

7. Take the first step towards perfecting your speaking skills - sign up for free testing at our school now!


Yes, it's all free!